Training Schedule & Rates

Sayoc SGV trains on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:30 in Monrovia, CA.

1. Sayoc Kali Silak Association Membership:
To train with Sayoc SGV, you must be a member of the Sayoc Kal Silak Training Association. Sign up here.

All class participants are required to join. Anyone not a member will not be allowed to train, so please be sure to email me a copy of your email confirmation or bring a printout of it to your first class.

2. Monthly dues will be due the first Saturday of each month: If you’re absent on the first Saturday, you can still pay on the second Saturday. Here are the monthly rates:

  • Public Monthly rate: $100 per month
  • Military, LEO or Academic/ Student Rate: $ 90 per month (Valid ID required)
  • Drop-in rate: $30 per class

If you miss the first two weeks of class, the $30 per class drop-in rate will apply until the next month.

3.  If one day a week of training is not enough for you, you are more than welcome to attend classes taught by other Sayoc/ Atienza Kali instructors in the area. If you are a currently training with Sayoc SGV, please check in with Guro Steve and let him know who else you’ll be training with.


6 Responses to “Training Schedule & Rates”

  1. I whant to train but I don’t have the address and I don’t have printer for the copy of the pay $75.00 what can I do thanks

    • Hi Mario.

      Regarding your registration confirmation: save it locally and send me a copy of it as an .html file. Once I’ve received that I’ll send you the training location address.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Guro Steve

  2. Hello, I live in Azusa and would like to train with my son what is the age limit?also the registration link is not working at this time. Is there another way to register?

    • Hello Erick,
      Thank you for alerting me about the registration link. It should be working now. Regardless, please visit to take care of your registration. Sayoc Kali is a family art: there are no set age limits. With regards to whether or not it would be appropriate for your son, you will probably know that better than anyone. Some people have started training in Sayoc at a very young age. Others are never ready, regardless of their age.


      Guro Steve

  3. Hello i just registered/confirmed. I have noticed the comments below are dated 2013, is Sayoc Kali SGV still operating?

    Thank you,

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