A quick review of AK Tactical Pen Seminar and a look forward to the rest of March

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Guro Josh Votaw was out here on the West Coast and presented the AK Tactical Pen Seminar at the end of February. Sayoc SGV members, we need to compare notes! It was a great day of training that covered everything from philosophy to template to application and isolation.

For the month of March, the class schedule is as follows:

March 10 from 10:00-11:30

March 17 from 10:00-11:30

There will be no class on March 24th.

In April, we are back on track. AK members, we’ll be getting geared up for Tuhon Carl’s upcoming visit.


An update of happening recent and not so!

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This summer and fall have been a very exciting time for us here at Sayoc SGV.

We had the opportunity to attend a Sayoc Tactical Pistol 1.0 class. A lot of information was downloaded and we have taken some of the lessons to the range. Several important lessons were learned, namely that I need to practice a lot and weapon maintenance is essential.

Tuhon Carl’s instruction during the Atienza Kali workshop was also invaluable. Sayoc SGV members had an opportunity to train mass attack as well as some AK long blade work. There was also a cutting portion that I was unable to attend, but I’m sure everyone there learned a lot about the dynamics of the blade.

More recently, our focus at Sayoc SGV has been on mastery of the fundamentals: 3 of 9, 4 of 12, Transition Drills, and other drills in the curriculum. Our current class schedule remains unchanged. Please keep in touch!

Sama Sama 2011

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Last weekend Paul Sanchez and I had the great opportunity of attending Sayoc Sama Sama 2011 in the Poconos. Paul attended the Hidden Agenda and had an opportunity to receive instruction from Guro Kevin Estela on primitive projectiles and other wood craft.  Sama Sama began with a lineup and greeting from Pamana Tuhon. This year’s theme was on approaching what is often considered basic curriculum with a different goal in mind.

In Sayoc Kali, Transition Drills and Templates are used to communicate information. Each drill and template is introduced to help install a series of techniques in flow. Once this level of information is learned, it’s natural for most people to begin to look for the next drill or template. The emphasis this year was on applying the Sayoc learning methodology to foundational aspects of the curriculum to build on attributes and practice techniques. The emphasis of this year’s Sama Sama was on building mastery vs. coverage of techniques and drills.

Each instructional session gave participants an opportunity to practice something that they had probably seen before and trained many times. However, the emphasis of the Guros and Tuhons who taught was on how to dig deeper into the curriculum to reveal more than what is revealed initially by the drills and templates.

One major element in this changing perspective is intent. When many of us first learn 3 of 9 or Transition Drill 1, our intentional action is limited by our familiarity with the data at hand. Once that data becomes familiar, approaching it with the notion of “learning it better” with changing the level of our intentional action can lead to mindless drilling. While there is a nominal value in getting repetitions, past a certain point it becomes empty of value. The adjustments that were made on what the intentional actions were made perfect sense and opened up yet another level of how to approach the information we have in Sayoc Kali.

We will probably be unpacking the lessons we learned at Sama Sama for months (if not YEARS). Be sure to stop by class in the next couple weeks to feel the energy!

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Summer Schedule

With summer upon us, we wanted to post an update for all current students and subscribers.
Classes will continue to be held on Saturday mornings from 1000-1130 at our Monrovia training location. The only week that class will be cancelled is on July Fourth weekend. Several members of the Sayoc SGV family and our affiliates from southern California will be attending Sayoc Sama Sama in Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit Sayoc.com.

See you next weekend!

Class Notes 4 June 2011

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Seven count passing drill
4/12 right hand, left hand, and simultaneous
3/9 right hand, left hand, and simultaneous
Transition Drill 1, level three and level four isolations.

Class Notes 21 may 2011

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A big thank you to Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne for the awesome day of training. The workshop began with a review of Knive Evolution one and then moved quickly to different combinations and training sets/modifiers. We also spent a good amount of time on Bolo Evolution one. Combat archery was discussed as well. The day ended with everyone getting a chance to move with Tuhon.

I could try going into more detail, but it’d be doing the day of training a disservice. If the opportunity comes up again, I encourage all of my students to make it a priority.

A big thank you to all of my training brothers, especially Guro Joey for hosting again.

Atienza Kali Training Group Session 21 May 2011

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Tuhon Carl Atienza will be in Southern California for a members-only training session on Saturday 21 May 2011.

Please contact Guro Joey Pena for details.

All students at Sayoc SGV are expected to attend.

For obvious reasons, class will be cancelled on that day. =)