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Training Notes 28 August 2010

We continued working on panantukan 1/12, playing with pakal.

Transition Drill one, level three isolations. We talked about the 5 different levels of isolations with a training emphasis on level three isolations.

Henry and I also tapped TD 2. Paul has received the entire drill and is working on feeding 1-5.

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Training Notes 21 August 2010

Warm-up with 4 different kinds of tapping.

worked on panantukan set 1/12

1. jab

2. jab/slash

3. jab/uppercut

4. uppercut/hook

5. jab/hook

6. jab/takedown/fan

7. fan/upslash/jab

8. jab/fan/jab

9. high jab/low jab/flywheel

10. reverse flyweel/crown thrust/jab

11. jab/fan/hook/low slash

12. whip strike to back of head/hook/slash


matching leads w/ obstructions.


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