Sayoc Kali featured in NCIS: LA Tonight!

I strongly encourage you to watch the episode of NCIS: LA tonight. It will feature not only techniques from Sayoc Kali, but a lot about our mindset and methodology. A lot of input from members of the tribe went into the episode airing tonight: Dave Kalstein, Tuhon Rafael Kayanan, Tuhon Carl Atienza, Guro Brian Calaustro, Guro Harley Elmore, Guro John Perrings, Guro Nick Saglibene, Guro Travis Downing, Guro Joe Pena and his son Nick Pena, and Guro Zee Alhusaini. Current and former students, let’s start a discussion about what we see and recognize from our training. Prospective students: come experience it for yourself!

I’ll be posting my comments about the episode later tonight. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!


Guro Steve


~ by bluedevilboy76 on February 5, 2013.

One Response to “Sayoc Kali featured in NCIS: LA Tonight!”

  1. Many Sayoc concepts were covered in the episode. One of the clearer examples was encapsulated in the often repeated phrase “trust your training.” It’s important to remember that part of Pamana Tuhon’s process is about using the blade to reveal deeper lessons about each of us. The blade is a tool to learn more about ourselves. For people with a warrior mindset, one of the major factors that must be considered is fear. How do we manage fear? What positive role can it play in our martial development? I thought the writer really addressed this question very well. Training is one of the keys to readiness.

    Ideas about training invariably lead to at least two main points: methodology and intent.

    We’ll discuss both of these factors in the coming weeks.

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